The process of building any object is complex, multifaceted and involves a large number of participants.

Finland is rightly considered to be a country with a high construction process culture. However, the rules and regulations in this field are often complex, especially for an individual private investor. The approval of design solutions, determination of construction costs, selection of contractors, engineering solutions, equipment and suppliers is only part of the list of issues inevitably facing any investor, regardless of the size and purpose of the construction project.

We provide assistance at all stages of construction. In particular, when it comes to building individual houses. We can help with designing and obtaining approval for projects from municipal authorities. We will determine the optimal solution for construction technology, connection to utilities, the selection of heating and ventilation systems, energy efficiency, fire safety and security. We offer reliable contractors and specialists. We participate in drafting contracts, negotiating the types, volumes and costs of works and materials. We optimise construction schedules and financing. We provide assistance in monitoring the construction process and its costs. We give advice on maintaining real estate.

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